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Become A UI/UX Designer In 16 Weeks even if you have no Design experience

Join a 16-week course to learn and develop the skills needed to succeed as a UI/UX Designer. Take advantage of live sessions, mentorship, guest speakers from the industry, real case studies, and group projects in a community-based learning environment.

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Cohort 5

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Cohort Duration

( 12+4 ) 16 Weeks

Time Commitment

10-12 hours per week
Cohort 4
Live Sessions
16 weeks program
Guest Sessions
100% Job Assistance
Community based learning
Cohort 4
Live Sessions
16 weeks program
Guest Sessions
100% Job Assistance
Community based learning
Cohort 4
Live Sessions
16 weeks program
Guest Sessions
100% Job Assistance
Community based learning
Cohort 4
Live Sessions
16 weeks program
Guest Sessions
100% Job Assistance
Community based learning

Our Alumnis are working at

Go from 0 to 100 with India's most extensive UI/UX Course

This isn't just another course - it's an immersive 16-week experience designed to transform you into a confident, job-ready UX rockstar.

Master everything you need to know about UX design through live lessons, guest sessions, interactive Q&As, community-driven activities, and hands-on assignments.

Rohan understands the struggles of starting a UX design career. He's poured his experience into this course, giving you the exact roadmap you need to launch your career with confidence.

He has coached and mentored over 5,000 students, helping them overcome challenges and achieve their career goals. Now, it's your turn!

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

Show off your skills with a great portfolio
Meet people in industry who can help you find a job
Share projects that show how much you know
Feel confident and skilled working on a UI/UX team
Ace job interviews with ease
Use Figma software to create amazing designs
Cohort Details
Level: Beginner Friendly
Duration: 12 + 4 Weeks
50+ hours of LIVE classes
Weekly accountability connect
Weekly practice assignements
Dedicated mentor
Monthly community fun sessions

Real students, real transformations

Archana Sujit
Surya Mohan
Rajvi Kothari
Surbhi Gupta
Sumit Sharma
Srishti Mittal
Vanya Sharma
Ankit Vatsa
Shabnam Raghavan

Once, they were in the same position as you are now...

Thanks to this course, they gained valuable design skills, built an impressive portfolio, did well in interviews, and got high-paying UX job opportunities.

Divya Shenoy
Product Designer @SevenSquareLearning
Shwet Mishra
Engineering & Design @AMEX
Aman Saini
UI/UX Designer @BridgeAthletic
Nishant Saini
Product Designer @Kenko Health
Divya Shenoy
Product Designer @SevenSquareLearning
Shwet Mishra
Engineering & Design @AMEX
Aman Saini
UI/UX Designer @BridgeAthletic
Nishant Saini
Product Designer @Kenko Health

This program is tailor-made for

UX Aspirants who want to transition

"Rohan has been a wonderful mentor and has helped me build a strong foundation in the field of UX. He has in-depth understanding of the discipline and is always available to answer questions and provide helpful advice. I'am truly grateful for his guidance throughout."

Surya Mohan
Product Designer @Revlitix
Students who want to enter this field

"PDL is something that you can look up to when you are totally blank or you need a kick off! It will open for you the doors of impossible things. + It helped me in building a strong foundation, the basic and most essential aspect of being a Great Designer."

Nishant Saini
Product Designer @Kenko Health
Graphic designers who want to learn UX

"Rohan, you are a great mentor and I am lucky that I got this opportunity to learn from you!The knowledge that you have is amazing!You are a wonderful person. You are our star ⭐️ "

Aditi Raghav
Product Designer @BYJU's
Professionals who want to switch their career in UX industry

"PDL has given me more than I expected. It's not just about learning UX stuff.I used to worry about making case studies and portfolios. But now, I feel much more confident about myself as a designer and my work. It's all because of Rohan. His teaching, clarity, and guidance made everything clear. He made us understand why we do what we do, and that made a big difference."

Vanya Sharma
UI/UX Designer @Superbeings
Want to learn UX design knowledge to perform better in existing profession

"Thank you for giving me a platform to learn about UX designing.This cohort not only helped me grow professionally but also taught me how my personal growth can make me a better designer. This realisation would have not struck me without your personalised teaching methods. Have thoroughly enjoyed being taught by you. Thanks a lot :)

Chhavi Shandilya
UI/UX Designer
Newbie designers feeling lost on their first internship/job

"I used to call myself a 'UX designer in training' three months ago, but now I can say that I am a 'Designer' and I understand this field well.I know when to apply which UX process, and the reasoning behind what l'm doing. I understand the fundamentals really well, and now I have the confidence that if I get any UX problem, I can build it from scratch."

Aman Saini
UI/UX Designer @BridgeAthletic

This program is not for you if

You Want an Easy Certificate

This course isn't just about getting a certificate. You need to work hard and really learn the skills. If you just want a quick certificate without putting in the effort, this isn't the right place for you.

You Don't Want to Practice

Becoming good at UX design means practicing a lot, even in your own time. If you're not willing to do extra work and projects, you won't get the most out of this course.

You Expect a Job Right Away

Getting a great job in UX design takes time and effort. This course won't guarantee you a dream job if you're not willing to put in additional effort. You need to practice, create case studies, and develop soft skills for success.

You Only Care About Looks

If you only care about making things look nice and don't want to solve user problems or understand why designs work, then this course may not be right for you. We focus on the whole design process, not just the final look.

And One More Thing

If you don't like working with others or getting feedback on your work, this course might be tough for you. Being open to criticism and learning from others is a big part of becoming a great designer.

Basically, the course is for anyone who wants to take UX seriously.

One thing we guarantee is -  your life will change!

Learn useful design skills
Learn habits of high performing designers
Make friends with hand-picked UX aspirants like you
Even get inbound job opportunities without having to look for them
Become an efficient designer that stands out in the industry
If that sounds like something you’d like,
we’d love to have you.
Cohort 1
Cohort 1
Student's work

Projects showcase

Explore work and projects done by previous students

meFit: A Product design journey

With the internet, we now have access to so much information, which sometimes leads to distractions. In this project, he explored how users lifestyle is affecting their fitness levels & how to improve.

Sumit Sharma
Senior Product Designer @Tide
Product Design Launchpad Cohort 1
Alarm Bit: Experience healthy habit with planning updates

Alarmbit focuses on creating healthy habits and track progress of daily habits.Oh, that infernal alarm clock. We need it, but we hate it. And we hate it even more when it doesn't wake us up properly.

Nishant Saini
Product Designer @Kenko Health
Product Design Launchpad Cohort 1
Invest IQ : E-learning platform about investing

InvestIQ is an e-learning platform for people who want to start investing in the share market. You can learn about stock market with real-time ups and downs.

Srishti Mittal
UI/UX Designer II @Attentive.ai
Product Design Launchpad Cohort 2
Bridged a pain point in Whatsapp

When there is birthday of a person in an existing WhatsApp group, then for hiding the discussion from the birthday guy, we create a new group.

Shreya Khandelwal
Product Designer @Avo Automation
Product Design Launchpad Cohort 3
Buddy - Your Pet Care Companion!

We’ve all oohed and aahed over cute kittens and puppies. The idea of a pet as a companion goes a long way in our history.

Shabnam Raghavan
Product Designer @IHX Pvt. Ltd.
Product Design Launchpad Cohort 3
Parent Referral Program Case Study

Referral program is one of the best marketing tool to create the awareness about the product, acquire new users and make existing customers advocates.

Urvashi Jain
Product Designer @Mindtickle
Product Design Launchpad Cohort 1
ALTEA: Your Support System In Your Healing Journey

Way before Vanya started working professionally, 8 years ago, She suffered from issues like anxiety, ADHD and negative self-talk. Mental health was an even bigger taboo back then and ...

Vanya Sharma
UI/UX Designer @Superbeings
Product Design Launchpad Cohort 3
Dunzo, Grocery Shopping App Case Study
Product Design Case Study: Ed-tech

The thought of choosing the Career Stream/ Subject used to be the most scariest thing ever. Having to deal with a pool of suggestions/ guidance/ advice, blah blah blah!! was the most frustrating thing then.

Surbhi Gupta
Product Designer @Microsoft
Product Design Launchpad Cohort 1
Simplifying medical record management with MedPlus
Simplifying medical record management with MedPlus

In this case study, Iva will take you through her process of designing a mobile app — MedPlus that allows users to manage medical records, track health, and set up medication reminders.

Iva Wangkheirakpam
Iva Wangkheirakpam
UI/UX Designer
Product Design Launchpad Cohort 3
Cohort 2
Cohort 2
Core Instructor

Hi, I am Rohan Mishra

With 8+ years of experience, I enable brands to tap into promising opportunities, helps them scale-up.
Previously, I have worked with companies like Zomato and Urban Company. I am also the founder of Design Sundays - A Design community for Designers.

When not building products, you can find me mentoring aspiring designers. I am on a mission to help professionals transition into Design roles.


Started with ‘ZERO’

Eight years ago, I started learning design the early days of my engineering college. Started with zero knowledge, zero experience and zero mentors.
I knew absolutely nothing about UX design!!!
Finding the right resources, mentorship, books, videos, tools I was all over the place. I practiced day and night, to figure out the basic path.


The "Aha" Moment

And finally got my first opportunity after working really really hard for 1.5yrs.
Since then I have worked with a lot of startups in India and abroad.
Zomato, Urban Company, and major startups in Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, and other markets can vouch for my journey.
Looking back, It was not an easy journey!
It took me a lot of time and effort to figure it out the right resources, the right experience, the companies to work with, where to even get started!


I’m here for you

Today, I have coached and mentored over 1000+ students.
We have understood the biggest struggles and right formula to get through them smoothly.

And, now I want to share it with you!
I am super excited to invite you take this Journey with me

The Curriculum

Product Design Launchpad

A 12+4 week LIVE cohort-based course to help you transition into UI/UX Design.

Week 1

UX Design & problem Identification

What is UX Design?

Fundamentals of UX Design

UX Design Roles

Problem Identification

The art of spotting problems

Problems vs problem statements

Heuristic evaluation of an app

Week 2

User Research

What is User Research?

Why User Research is important?

Fundamentals of Understanding the user

How to make a Research plan

In-depth User research plan

Root Cause Analysis: 5-Why's

Common methods of Research

When to follow which method (situation-based)

Top 5 common mistaked

Different method of Research (In-depth)

Do's and don'ts and best practices

Week 3

Hands on Research

Surveys in details

Create your surveys and get feedback

Planning User Interviews and Surveys

How to make discussion guides

User Interviews

Conducting Stakeholder Interviews

Week 4

Design + AI

Understanding AI in Design

How AI Works in Design

Streamlining Design with AI Plugins

Elevating UX Design with AI

Generative AI for User Research

Ideation, Personalization & Ethical AI

Applying AI in Design Creation

Week 5

Analysing and Synthesising UX Research

Types of research analysis

Affinity mapping

Overlap Insights

Create Research Report


Empathy Map

User Journey mapping

Week 6

Ideation and Documentation

Card Sorting

Create Users Stories

Create an IA

Documenting your design process

Week 7


Crazy 8s

Making 2 wireframes & getting review

Basics of Figma hands-on

Figma for UI Design

Week 8

Visual Design

Gestalt Principles

Advanced Figma

Construct a basic layout

Prototype your wireframes

Week 9

Usability Testing

Fundamentals of Usability Testing

Usability Testing Methods

Preparing for Usability Test

Guerrilla Testing

Unlock the full curriculum

Get the full curriculum directly to your email address
We will mail you the PDF version of full curriculum on your Email Address.
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Cohort 2
Cohort 1

PDL Perks

A 12+4 week LIVE cohort-based course to help you transition into UI/UX Design.

Video Course
UI Design Mastery with Figma course

Learn UI Design with Figma, covering everything from scratch. From starting a Design to finishing it, which means in a few weeks you can learn to design awesome apps and website- one of the most in-demand skills in 2024. Even if you have never designed before.

1 Year Access to the Recorded Content

New recorded content will be share with you every week at the end of LIVE sessions. We have built a repository with special love and effort to help you dive deeper into the topics taught by your instructor.
These will be short videos recorded by Rohan to help you advance up!

Case Study Presentation

It's hard to crack a UX job in today's world, you need to tell potential employers why they should hire you among that other designers. Work doesn't speak for itself. Let us help you build compelling case studies that will make you stand out from the rest of the candidates. Rohan has helped 100+ people land jobs.

Dedicated Group Mentors

Every Wednesday you will break into small accountability groups with your dedicated mentor. This'll look at everything from your individual progress, challenges and so much more. Discuss your struggles directly with someone who has been where you are, they have seen it all.

Industry Guest Sessions

Experience LIVE learning sessions from the best industry experts and mentors from companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Zomato, and many more. These sessions will help you learn new skills, get insights into the latest industry trends, and network with other professionals.

Mock Interviews
100% Job Assistance

UX portfolio building

Design interview preparation

LinkedIn profile optimization

Cold emailing hacks

Assignment Review

"You have this amazing idea that is going to change the world, but you do not know where to start."

At Product Design Launchpad, we believe in learning by doing. Hence, we give you weekly assignments and feedback to help you throughout the learning journey.

Ready to make your portfolio stand out?
These assignments will help you build awesome UX case studies for your portfolio.

Certification of Accomplishment

Congratulations! Now you're sitting at your desk and you're thinking "This is great, but I need to get something I can hold onto to show people I'm serious about this career transition." If that thought crossed your mind, you've come to the right place. You will get all the training and learning along with a ‘Certificate of Completion’ from India’s most intensive 16-week LIVE course.


Your Mentors Panel

Your mentors have been in your exact shoes, and have gone through the same journey. They share their experiences in a live interactive environment and guide you on a weekly basis.

Kritika Hasija
User Experience Designer @TATA 1mg
Nishant Saini
Product Designer @Kenko Health
Ankit Vatsa
Product Designer @IHX Pvt. Ltd.
Shreya Khandelwal
Product Designer @Avo Automation
Cohort 2
Cohort 2
Job Assistance

100% Job Assistance Guaranteed

We got your back!

UX portfolio building

Build a powerful portfolio showing your own awesome case studies. Stop worrying about how to get started. We will build your case studies and portfolio together. Let' bring out your unique style and personality so it stands out in the crowd.

Industry interview preparation

Get clarity on what exactly can you expect from your interview. We will host a Masterclass on how to conduct yourself in an interview. Ask your doubts and challenges with our special industry guest.

LinkedIn profile revamp

Design a kickass LinkedIn profile for your unique strengths. Learn the secrets, so you can become visible to recruiters. Discover the right ways to network on LinkedIn. Gain confidence to finally put your work and words out there.

Cold emailing hacks

Get faster email responses. Reach out to potential employers and clients through cold emailing hacks for crafting the perfect subject line, personalising your message, and following up.

Cohort 2
Cohort 2

Product Design Launchpad is the hottest and most exciting LIVE-cohort design program

With the success of our previous cohorts, we are making waves in the UX  industry.

Urvashi Jain
Product Designer @Mindtickle

"PDL has widen my horizons regarding the design thinking. It taught me that designing the pixels is not just enough, we need to design the stories behind those pixels as well.I have learnt a lot from the PDL sessions.Thanks Rohan for giving me such a great opportunity. Your hardwork is admirable and you have been a really good mentor throughout."

Surbhi Gupta
Product Designer @Microsoft

"I had a lot of confusions in my career, I was struggling for a very long time. I am engineer who was trying to make this switch for a long time.Then I came across Rohan after that he told me about Product Design Launchpad. This was not only a product design education but also a mentorship program where I got clarity and confidence that was missing earlier. I am thankful for all the learnings I have got here."

Nishant Saini
Product Designer @Kenko Health

"PDL is something that you can look up to when you are totally blank or you need a kick off! It will open for you the doors of impossible things. It helped me in building a strong foundation, the basic and most essential aspect of being a Great Designer."

Swati Jha
Software Engineer @Wayfair

"I have a learned a lot from you Rohan. Each time I meet you l learn some life changing lessons. You inspire me grow, achieve my dreams, no matter what circumstances I am in, Because of you I didn't give up. Thanks you so much Rohan for mentoring me"

Aditya Chaddha
Product Designe @Camp K12

"My experience at Product Design Launchpad impacted my life in more ways than I can explain.The way Rohan focussed on the foundational knowledge in an insightful manner blew my mind away.I will forever be grateful that I got a chance to be a part of this!"

Kritika Hasija
UX Designer @TATA 1mg

"Rohan is not only an amazing designer but is also an amazing mentor.He is the most helpful person to give best advices. He is an awesome speaker and is always there for the community."

Sumit Sharma
Senior Product Designer @Tide

"PDL as a concept, it definitely helps you know to connect the dots. I was in the process of making a transition from a developer to a designer so l joined.And I eventually landed a job as a UX engineer which is a combination of a development and designer."

Aman Saini
UI/UX Designer @BridgeAthletic

"I used to call myself a 'UX designer in training' three months ago, but now I can say that I am a 'Designer' and I understand this field well.I know when to apply which UX process, and the reasoning behind what l'm doing. I understand the fundamentals really well, and now I have the confidence that if I get any UX problem, I can build it from scratch."

Ankit Vastsa
Product Designer @IHX Pvt. Ltd.

"I used to get anxious during interviews and freeze up when I was asked questions about things I wasn't confident in, but now I'm much more prepared. I know how to answer any question that comes my way, no matter how difficult it may be. This course has definitely made me more confident, and I'm grateful for it."


The student's transformation

One thing I can guarantee is that if you practice the skills and complete assignments regularly for 16 weeks, your life will change.

Before the course

Feeling lost and unsure where to start your career in UX Design.

Frustrated with feeling under qualified

Trapped in a job that doesn't challenge you or pay the bills

Not knowing how to start and feeling stuck in the process.

Lacking the practical skills and industry knowledge employers demand

Lots of self doubt and unable to compete

Feeling overwhelmed with outdated tutorials and unstructured learning

Overwhelmed by the vast volume of information available

After the course

Confident and job-ready with a comprehensive understanding of UX design.

Possess in-demand skills backed by real-world projects

Confidently navigate your career path towards a JOB that motivates you pays you well

Structured learning path, and Have a network of industry experts and supportive peers who push you forward

Stand out from the crowd with a polished portfolio and mock interview experience

Confident designer, with strong concepts and completed case studies

Landing your dream job with a polished portfolio and aced mock interviews

Have a supportive community of learners and mentors who will help you every step of the way.

Ready to take the 1st step towards your dream career?

This beginner-friendly course will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to succeed in UX Design.

Here's how:
1 Lakh worth of bonus learning resources
Industry guest masterclasess
Weekly accountability calls
Dedicated mentor for personalized support
Weekly practice assignments to solidify your learning
Leaderboard and badges to track your progress and boost motivation
Portfolio guidance from experienced professionals
Mock interviews to prepare you from the real thing
Peer learning sessions to collaborate and connect

Community at the
center of everything

Your friends don’t get your geeky creative side?
Don’t worry we’ll help you build your UX tribe.

Make friends and support each-other in the journey.
Never have a dull moment in these 16 weeks.
Learn with a community of hand-picked committed designers.
Be a part of fun hands-on group activities
Meet new like-minded friends, that get your out-of-the world ideas.
Observe and learn from people with different backgrounds and journeys.

The learning experience

Core Live Sessions with Rohan

This is the biggest baddest thing about our cohort. Learn directly from Rohan Mishra (the main instructor) that too LIVE. Each live session has 60–90 minutes of learning with quick DIY activities, followed by an open Q&A for questions.
Come join him and learn from one of the best in the industry. Get! Set! Go!

Dedicated Mentor and accountability groups

Every week you'll meet your dedicated group buddies to discuss your progress, challenges, and more.You'll make like-minded friends, and can help each other in the journey.Bring back your college fun.

Weekly Live QnA Sessions with Rohan Mishra

Got doubts? Want to take them up directly with your cohort instructor? We have got it covered! Rohan will be hosting a dedicated Q&A session where you can ask our instructor any and all questions related to the live sessions, ongoing case study, recorded content or anything else design.

Guest Session

Experience LIVE learning sessions by the best industry experts from companies like Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Zomato and others.These sessions will empower you with new skills, keep you updated on industry trends, and provide networking opportunities. Plus, there will be surprise guest speakers joining soon!

Assignment Review

At Product Design Launchpad, we believe in learning by doing. Hence, we give you weekly assignments and feedback to help you throughout the learning journey. Ready to make your portfolio stand out? These assignments will help you build awesome UX case studies for your portfolio.

Leaderboards & Games

We designed this cohort in a way that learning becomes fun.
Remember your fun college days?
Get ready to go down the memory lane with our exciting cohort experience.
You will never have a dull moment in these 16 weeks.

The meetup experience

Meetups in major cities like Delhi, Banagalore
Adarsh Singh
Product Designer @Delhivery

"The Meetup was extremely good. Got to meet a lot of new people and learnt a lot from industry experts."

Avantika Pidiha
Sr. Product Designer @Lenskart

"Design Sundays was one of my first UX meetups. It was amazing how everyone vibed with each other so organically. Had a great time, got insights on my career as a UX designer and how to grow. They even shared a number of resources which I found quite useful. I would highly recommend it to people who are wanting to switch their careers or if they are a fresher in the UX industry."

By the end of the 12-week course

Master applying UI/UX Design Laws and Principles.

Cracking your dream job/internship feels like an achievement. Let’s step up your career ladder? Wait to stand out in the room full of designers with all the handy soft-skills learned in the course and be the first one to get that promotion.

Pro at Visuals, Figma and everything in between!

Creating iconic UI designs and remarkable visuals will be your favourite pass-time.Stuff like - Awesome colour combinations, mind-blowing interactions, Figma- shortcuts will feel like a child’s play!

Create end-to-end case studies with us

Tired of googling an ideal roadmap to make your case studies? Stress no more, we will help you with a customised structure to build your individual case study using all the right steps and UX frameworks.

Completed portfolio to nail your UX dream job

Get ready to crack your job/internship with a stellar portfolio. Too anxious to complete your portfolio? Feeling lost and overwhelmed? Quit hitting that snooze button now! You won’t be alone anymore, have a mentor and your group-mates do it with you.

Become confident & Ace your Interviews

The idea of giving and interview won’t give you sleepless nights anymore. With all the mock interviews coming your way, You'll have the confidence of giving internship/job interviews like a pro.You'll be comfortable in front of an interviewer, with techniques to make a memorable impression.

Step up your game with Industry connects

Throughout the course you’ll have connects with industry guests, mock interviewers and your mentors who will guide you in your journey. Get better profile visibility with recommendations and industry connects.

Certificate of Accomplishment

After successfully finishing the Product Designer Launchpad course, you will be awarded a verified Certificate of Completion. This valuable certificate can be showcased on your Résumé and LinkedIn profile, further boosting your professional profile.

Share on Linkedin and in your Resume

Frequently asked questions

For any other questions, feel welcome to reach out to our team.

How long is the course? What will be the format?
What are the prerequisites?
How much time commitment is required each week?
Will I get a certificate of completion?
Who is this course for?
What if I fall behind in the course?
What if I can't attend all the live sessions?
Do you offer job placement assistance?
What are the payment options for the course?
When is the next enrollment window?
Is there an EMI option available?
Can I opt-out or get refund?

Are you ready to begin your upgraded design journey?

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Cohort 5 starts on

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16 Weeks

Time commitment

10-12 hours per week